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Travel addicted

"a person who constantly feels the need to travel and think about new destinations"


If you recognize yourself in this definition, you are in the right place!

Adventure? Relax? Luxury? Mountain? Sea? Solo? With friends?

No matter what is your idea of travel, what we have in common is the same passion: the world.


Stay connected with our partners and receive offers, promotions and suggestions for your travels

We create for you travel itineraries based on your preferences and your needs to make you live an experience that you will never forget!

We will be constantly at your disposal with personal assistance before and during the trip, you will only have to prepare your passport, leave and enjoy the world, we will take care of the rest!

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We think that the best thing about traveling is to immerse yourself in local cultures and customs by discovering places still unknown to mass tourism.

Thanks to our network of local people whom we trust, we put you in touch with the true essence of the places, allowing you to live experiences with locals and suggesting the best local restaurants.

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