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  • Consulenza Premium

    Consulenza privata in video call per la definizione del tuo itinerario di viaggio. Cosa include: - video call di 45 minuti con Ilaria Cancian - analisi di pro e contro delle varie mete possibili - definizione di una meta e consigli sull'itinerario, luoghi da vedere e luoghi da evitare - realizzazione di una lista su misura per te di 3 strutture per ogni tappa del viaggio (la lista verrà inviata in seguito alla consulenza, entro 4 giorni lavorativi)

  • Consulenza Gold

    Consulenza privata in video call per la definizione del tuo itinerario di viaggio. Cosa include: - video call di 1 ora con Ilaria Cancian - analisi di pro e contro delle varie mete possibili - definizione di una meta e consigli sull'itinerario - realizzazione di un itinerario specifico su misura per te con 3 strutture consigliate per ogni tappa e attività che possono essere svolte (l'itinerario verrà consegnato entro 7 giorni lavorativi dalla consulenza) - supporto nelle prenotazioni di mezzi di trasporto, strutture, ristoranti, attività e assicurazioni - assistenza pre e durante il viaggio

  • Consulenza Basic

    Consulenza privata in video call per la definizione del tuo prossimo viaggio. Cosa include: - video call di 30 minuti con Ilaria Cancian - analisi di pro e contro delle varie mete possibili - realizzazione di una lista su misura per te di 5 strutture adatte alle tue esigenze (la lista verrà inviata in seguito alla consulenza, entro 3 giorni lavorativi) - possibilità di richiedere la realizzazione di un itinerario (prevede il pagamento di un extra)

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  • London: the districts not to be missed

    I’ve been in London for three days in September: for the firs time I enjoyed the city with sunny days! It wasn’t the first time in London for me, but I have to admit it: London with the sun is quite cuter! In these three days I left out museums and everything that could involve tourist attractions. I have decided to focus on the discovery of the english capital, concentrating on the districts I love the most. Here are my favourite stages. Notting Hill. It is well known thanks to the homonym movie. Nothing Hill is a residential neighborhood where you can have a walk feeling like if you are on a movie set: extremely well-kept roads, luxurious cars, elegant buildings and sometimes you can also find some streets with colorful houses. The main street is the famous Portobello Road, where there is Portobello Market which crosses the neighborhood from north to south receiving the most fashion shops and restaurants of Nothing Hill. Beside this, the district is also home of vintage shops, sacond hand book shops and a mixture of different cultures and traditions. Where to eat: Unico Gelato & Coffee, to enjoy an italian lunch break. Regent’s Park e Primrose Hill. We are in the north side of London, Regent's Park is one of the parks symbol of the city. It is well-kept and with a quite elegant style and the best period to visit the park is during the spring season when you can admire the gardens. Primrose hill was a great discovery for me, it is a hill located in the north side of the park which I have never heard about but I suggest you to have a visit there. One I got to the top of the hill I have never thought I would have seen a beautiful view of the park and of London in general. Camden Town. A quite popular neighborhood well known for its market, the Camden Market, always haunted of hundreds of tourists who are fascinated of the endless numbers of shopping point, multietnical products, art objects, vintage dresses. The cutest part of this district is represented by the mix and match from all around the world: here you can taste special international food and you can find common people who comes from any part of the entire world. Hyde Park. One of the biggest park in the world, it has a lake, two restaurants e the chance to practice different kind of sports. Inside the park you will also find a fountain in honor of Lady D. Soho e Mayfair. These two neighborhoods stand out for the elegant hotels and the haute-couture boutiques. Oxford street is one of the most popular streets to go shopping, where you can find the Selfridge big mall. The hot points here are Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square with the National Museum and Leicester Square. Where to eat: the romantic Elan to enjoy a very good breakfast and the famous Sketch where you can have dinner or drink a cocktail. Chinatown. As any big city, London has its chinese neighborhood too, here you can visit the first chinese district in Europe, born in the ’50. Chinatown is located in the heart of the city between Leicester Square and Soho. A colored area full of oriental buildings, the neighborhood is easily recognizable from the perfumes which invade the surrounding area. Once you cross Charing Cross Road you’ll be in Gerrad Street, full of chinese shops and restaurants. Covent Garden. Heart of the artistic and cultural life, perfect for shopping too. The center of Covent Garden is Apple Market, a very cute and particular market home of artistic creations, souvenirs and little boutiques. Street artists give their perfomance around pubs, shops, theatres and little restaurants. Westminster. This is the area in which we can find the most famous London attractions: The Big Ben, The House of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, St. James Park and Buckingham Palace. The Big Ben, is one of the most iconic image of the city: the Elizabeth Tower main bell of Westminster Building dominates every tourist pictures who visit London, except for the last year, the clock is being restored up to 2021. The neogothic Westminster Palace hosts the House of Parliament. Behind this one, you can see the Westminster Abbey towers, which are UNESCO heritage. In the west side of this area, you can find the exclusive St. James neighborhood, where Buckingham Palace and St. James Park are located, this is my favourite park in London. Buckingh Palace is the current house of the Royal Family and it opens to public only during the summer season, when the Windsor family is on holiday. In front of the Palace you can assist at the changing of the guard, everyday at 11:30am. Tower Bridge e dintorni. Tower Bridge is, no doubts, another symbol of the city of London. The best you can do is starting a walk from the south of London, so you can reach the bridge from the Tames and enjoy the bridge view. On the north side of Tower Bridge you will find Shoreditch and Brick Lane areas: here you can see a multiethnic atmosphere due to the arrival of migrants all over the years. Nowadays you can find hipster shops, pubs and original vintage boutiques. Brick Lane i salso famous for its Sunday vintage market while Shoreditch has a market everyday of the week, but the best days to visit the market are: Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Finally, I suggest you to go to the Shard, the Renzo Piano skyscraper where you can enjoy a magic view of London. Where to eat: Sushi Samba for dinner or a cocktail, you’ll be on the 39 floor and it will be breathtaking. Borough Market is perfect for a fast lunch, Tha Shard for a typical tea or a special dinner.

  • Northern Lights: Abisko National Park

    One of my biggest dream has always been to see the Northern Lights, but I have always been stopped by the very cold temperature. That’s why, during the years, I have chosen hotter sites in the world. In September I finally decided to go through the discovery of the Northern Lights, so I spent lot of days making research: where to go? When is the best period? Where are the best sites to see the Lights? The destination: Abisko At the end of my research I decided to go to Abisko. It’s a little sweden village, 250km north from the Artic Circle with only 100 inhabitants. Here you can find the Abisko National Park. But why Abisko? Among all the regions in which we can see the Northern Lights this is the place where you can have the highest chances to meet the sky with no clouds, and this is very important. Here you might have the opportunity to see the Northern Lights 300 days in a year. Lonely Planet classified Abisko as the best destination in the world to see the lights. The best period to assist this show goes from the end of August to the end of March with December and January as the best months. I decided to go to Abisko at the end of November because of the high chance to see the Northern Lights and also because the temperature wouldn’t been too much cold. Moreover, in this period Abisko boasts of 4/5 hours of sunshine and this allow people to enjoy the day doing some trekking in the national park. Transfers Landed at Kiruna Airport with a Norwegian fly from Stockholm, I reached Abisko with a one hour and a half car tripthanks to the transport service supplied by Visit Abisko, easy to book using this link: . Experiences There are many activites you can take part in Abisko, if you love trekking you can do it on your own into the National Park, but regarding the other activites I would recomend to trust Visit Abisko and Lights Over Lapland. The Great Aurora Chase. In this excursion I went to search the Northern Lights toghether with one of the photographer of Visit Abisko team. We have searched the best spot to assist this magic show. Moreover, if you have a camera, the expert will give you precious advice for your shots. Wilderness Aurora photo adventure. This is another excursion to see the Northern Lights but in a wild style. It will be a total immersion in the nature with the team of Lights Over Lapland. You will also receive an essential kit to take your best pictures following the photographer advices. You can opt to enjoy the show of the Lights on your own, without taking part on any kind of tour. It’s absolutely feasible. In my opinion the best location is the Tornetrask lake shore which you can reach through several links from the main road. In my personal opinion, if it’s the first time you live this kind of experience, I suggest you to follow a local guide almost for the first night you spend there, so that he/she wil inform you about everything you need to know. Fjall to Fjord - Narvik day trip: a whole day in Norway discovering the fjords and the city of Narvik toghether with a guide of Visit Abisko team.

  • Singapore: the places not to be missed

    Singapore. Here I left a piece of my heart (a quite big one!). Honestly, it was not love at first sight. It took me a while to understand this city, getting into confidence with it, maybe I expected something different, but at the end Singapore completely kidnapped me. You won’t need much time to visit the main attractions, two days are enough but if you want to enjoy the city, stay as much as possible. Here are the unmissable places. Ethnic neighborhoods Singapore is a mix of different cultures, religions and flavors coming from all over the world and living together next to each other. Colors everywhere, music in the streets, incense flavor and jewelry stalls, this is Little India. The heart of this area is Seragoon Road, one of the oldest street of Singapore. China Town is composed by oriental houses, temples, food stalls and souvenir shops: one of the most characteristic neighborhood, where only chinese people live. Kampong Glam is my favourite district. This is an arabian neighborhood full of restaurants and cafes where there is also Haji Lane, perfect location for the ones who love shopping: here you will get lost among bookshops, artshops and clothing stores. Gardens By The Bay Inside the gardens you will find the super trees, vertical gardens where there are almost 165.000 plants. If you don’t suffer from vertigo I suggest you to go on the top of the trees and walk on the transparent walkway which connects the trees. The two greenhouses inside the park deserve a visit too: Cloud Forest and Flower Dome, this one is also in the Guinness World record as the biggest open greenhouse in the world. Marina Bay Sands Probably one of the most famous place in Singapore. Who follows me on Instagram already know that I don’t love touristic place so much, but I think that Marina Bay Sands well worth it. In this big structure composed by three skyscrapers you will have the opportunity to buy whatever you like in the mall, try your luck at the casino or go on the top of the building at the Skypark which hosts pubs and restaurant, and offers a magic view of the city. The true attraction is the Infinity Pool: the famous pool, leading actor of many pictures, which is accessible only for the hotel guests. Clarke Quay A neighborhood on the river bank, full of pubs and restaurants. The perfect location to spend a night among food, music and fun. Botanical Gardens These gardens are visited by lots of tourists because of the variety of plants and flowers. Local people love this place too, they usually spend some time here in the gardens, especially during the weekend, using it for pic-nic, walking o running. Orchard Road As in any respectable city, Singapore has its shopping street too. Orchard Road is full of shops, mall and advertising sings. ​Chinese e Japanese Garden These gardens are located far away from the centre of Singapore but spending a couple of hours there worth it. Here you can relax among little lakes, temples, lots of animals in a nature atmosphere.

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