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New York: what to see during your first visit to the Big Apple

New York. The more I see this city the more I fall in love. This place is totally me. I don’t exactly know what kind of magic is in the air, but for me it’s not just skyscrapers and traffic.

People say that when I talk about NY my eyes get sparkling and that’s enough to say.

Here is what I’d like to do in this article: give you a little bit of this kind of love, especially to the ones who have never been to NY and maybe are planning to visit it.


Despite New York seems to be the city symbol of traffic and big buildings, you would be surprised to see what’s inside: lots of parks to relax, walk around and have picnic.

The biggest and most famous park is Central Park: I suggest you to put your phone off, take a map of the park and enjoy it in the best way: losing yourself among the streets, lakes and green expanses.

In the heart of Manhattan, near Times Square, you will find Bryant Park: a very small park but really cute. There is always something to do along the whole year and in every season: ride on the skating ring during winter, free outdoor cinema, yoga class and happy hour during summer.

To be honest, in my heart there is space for another park: Brookling Bridge Park, next to the Brookling Bridge, where you can enjoy the best view of Manhattan and take pictures of the skyline.

New York from the top

It’s easy to enjoy New York from the top: lots of skyscrapers allow you to go up to the rooftop and enjoy a breathtaking view. The most famous skyscrapers which allow people to go up are Empire State Building, Top of The Rock and One World Observatory. The only question is: which of them do I suggest you to choose? Honestly, I would say to visit them all or maybe at least two of them in two different moments of the day.

Empire State Building is one of the symbol of New York. You can choose to go up to the 86th floor (320mt high) or to reach the top of the building up to the 102nd floor (373mt high). Both cases the view is amazing, but of course I suggest you to go to the top, it worth it!

The best moment to visit it? The sunset, when the sun goes down and the lights of the city get sparkling.

Usefull information: open from 8am to 2am. Prices 34$ to the 86th floor / 54$ to the 102nd floor.

Top of The Rock: the panoramic point from the Rockfeller Center that gives away a beautiful view of Central Park and Empire State Building from a high point of 260mt.

Usefull information: open from 8am to 12am. Price 34$

One World Observatory: it's the most recent, built where there was the Twin Towers. Today is the higher skyscraper in New York and its observatory is at 386 meters where you can enjoy an amazing view of Manhattan.

Usefull information: open from 8am to 8pm during winter, until 10pm in summer. Price $34.

The choice of which one visiting is personal but I had prefer One World Observatory (perfect in winter because it's all inside) and Empire State Building at sunset.


Despite I’m not a very art lover, I have to say that New York offers a great variety of museums. Not just for the numbers of museums you can find in the city, but also for the collections they offer.

In my personal opinion, the unmissable museums in New York are three:

- Gugghenheim museum. My favourite one. This museum is well known for its architecture (which I personally love) that makes it a museum inside a museum. Here you can live an exclusive experience among cubism, surrealism, expressionism and abstractionism.

- MOMA. No doubt it is one of the most famous museum in the world which offers unique and exclusive art collections. The Museum of Modern Art is immense, so much that you could spend a whole day there. If you are not so interested in art I suggest you to have a look on the museum websites so you can take an advance on that.

- MET. The biggest museum, you could stay here for days. My suggestion is the same for the MOMA: see the map before to go and choose what you want to see.

Usefull info: most of museums offers few hours free in a specific day of the week.

Sunrise and sunset

For the ones who follow my Instagram profile know how much I’m obsessed with sunrise and sunset. In every place I go, I have to discover which are the best points of view to attend this amazing show and obviously I tried to find the best one also in New York.

Sunsrise. My favourite places in New York to attend the sunrise are Battery Park and Brooklin Bridge: from these places you’ll have the perfect point of view, attending an amazing colours show.

Sunset. Brookling Bridge Park is, no doubt, the best place to enjoy the sunset. You’ll attend the sunset with Brookling and Manhattan Bridge as a background. My best moment in New York.

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