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The Best of Tel Aviv

City of many facets, with european, american and arabian influences, Tel Aviv has become one of the most popular destination in the latest years. This is the perfect city if you are looking for a funny and multicultural city with a mild climate.

Tel Aviv is easy to reach thanks to the large number of direct flights provided by Alitalia and EasyJet wich leave everyday from the main cities of Italy.

This city is nota as big as you think, that’s why it’s a good destination if you have just a free weekend to switch off, relax and have fun. Here are the things not to be missed:

Walk on the seafront

Tel Aviv is amazing if you love discovering the city on foot, walking among the streets. The walk on the seafront during the sunset is a must: from Gordon Beach to Jaffa enjoying the landscape and chosing a pub for a waterfront happy hour.

The local markets

Carmel Market and Jaffa Old Market will make you feel in an arabian suk. Get lost among local herbs, souvenirs, street food, local dresses and more then everything among the kind people of Jaffa. Here you will also find the Flea Market, where people usually sell old objects like: dresses, toys, paintings and old furnishing. The markets are not too big, half a day is enough to see both of them.


In the south part of Tel Aviv you can find Jaffa, the old city. Here you will have the opportunity to buy special things, to taste the local food and to immerse yourself in Tel Aviv history discovering the old ruins untill you reach the top of the promontory where you can admire a beautiful view of the city.

If you are a sea food lover, I suggest you to treat yourself with a special dinner to the Aladin Restaurant once you get on the top. Here you can enjoy the atmosphere and the view, tasting a high quality food.

Getting lost in the French neighborhood

White buildings, flowers in every corner, many shops around you where buying unique things and amazing pubs: this is Neve Tzedek, the french neighborhood, my favourite one.

Relax in spiaggia

Do not expect super crystal clear water and white sand, but everyone deserves a half day of relax on the beach. The atmosphere here reminded me California: skateboard on the seafront, gym next to the beach, music all around, cocktails and funny moments waiting for the sunset.

Rothschild Boulevard

I suggest you to spend a night at Rotschild Boulevard, one of the main streets of Tel Aviv. Full of restaurants, pubs, music and a little bit of nightlife.

For the one who loves the atmosphere which only the rooftops can give, I recommend you to go to the Speakeasy, the perfect location for a special dinner or a cocktail on the top of the city.

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