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Paris: two days and half in the capital of love

Finally, that magic moment has arrived for me too: visiting Paris.

This was the first time for me in this city, which involved me with its beauty, its refinement and, needless to deny, a little bit of romanticism.

I’ve been in Paris for two days and a half, so I had to plan everything in the best way to see as much as possible. Honestly Paris is quite big but it has not so many essential points so it wasn’t so difficult to fit everything.

Here I want to share with you my itinerary day by day.

Day One

In the late morning, I arrived in Paris and checked-in at the beautiful Shangri-La Hotel where I enjoyed a very fast lunch before starting my day tour.

First site: Notre Dame. You can visit the intern of the gothic church for free everyday, but I had not enought time and moreover there was a very long queue so I gave up.

From this point I had a walk to the Louvre Museum, Place de la Concorde, Pont Alexandre and the Tour Eiffel in order to have a general overview of the city and starting experience it.

Bambou Restaurant has been my choice for dinner: it is an asian restaurant suggested by a couple of friends and now I want to suggest it to you: very good and tasting food with a very beautiful atmosphere and an amazing design.

Day 2

As you already know, I am a sunrise addicted. For this reason, on the second day, I woke up very early to see the sunrise from Trocadero.

It was magic: seeing the sun rising behind the Tour Eiffel was amazing. This is the perfect moment to take pictures without many tourists, almost none. There was just some shooting photographer or some japanese couples, taking pictures and capturing Paris in its most romantic version.

After coming back to the hotel for the unmissable breakfast with the view of the Tour Eiffel, I left for Montmatre, a cute hill situated in the north side of Paris and defined as the city of artists.

The best thing to do is venturing on foot through the narrow streets and the stairways, reaching the top of the hill where the Chapel of the Sacred Heart stands. Here you can enjoy a great view of the city of Paris. Nowadays, Montmatre is one of the most tourist attractions. The main streets are full of restaurants and souvenir shops but there are still some routes that have remained authentic.

If you have enough time, I suggest you to have a stop to the famous french restaurant Moulin de la Galette where you can enjoy the french cuisine, otherwise you can have a fast break at the Boulangerie Mauvieux, where you can taste the best baguette in Paris.

After opting for the baguette, I leaved towards the Operà of Paris. This stop was a must for me, I am a dance lover and it doesn’t steal you a lot of time, it takes 1 hour more or less.

At 5:30 pm I had a date with the Tour Eiffel. I booked the ticket online but the only one which was avaible was the one with the lift and it’s really difficult to find the ticket for the top.

Once I got there, I opted to reach the top on foot (which I suggest you if you don’t suffer from dizziness). The best thing is to take the ticket directly at the cash pay, maybe the day before, so you can check the weather. In the end, I reached on foot the second floor and the view was breathtaking.

Kong was my choice for dinner, a fusion restaurant decoraed by Phillippe Stark with an amazing view of Paris. I suggest you to go there for lunch, in my opinion I think it would be greater.

Day 3 On the third day I decided to go to Versailles. I suggest you to take a “jump queue” ticket, otherwise you will attend a very long one.

Once I got there, I visited both the Palace and the Gardens. I’m not a very art fan, that’s the why the visit in the Palace was quite fast for me but you can spend an entire day too if you want, and it worth it! If you go to Versailles, you can’t miss the Gardens and loosing yourself among the labyrinths: they are quite big, even if I expected more. You can also rent a golf car to go aroung the park, but I preferred to go on foot and enjoy the nature of the place, the narrow streets and the gardens, dedicating almos 3 hours to the nature. I had a lunch break in one of the many restaurants you can find at the end of the gardens, next to the lakes.

Once I returned to Paris I had a relaxing break at the SPA of the hotel and then I reached the Louvre Museum, taking advantage of the Wednesday and Friday late closing time (till 10 PM).

Last dinner in Paris at Les Ombres Restaurant, with an amazing view of the Tour Eiffel.

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